Public Urination — an illegal & unethical act

Public urination on streets and pavement is illegal but people do not understand it. It is considered a disorderly conduct. The majority of the population is never painfully far away from restroom facilities, and even if they need to use restrooms that are “for customers’ use only,” they can usually walk right in, without fear of being stopped. In Karachi, more and more men are using side walls as a place to pee and it is the situation in almost every populous city of Pakistan, say Lahore. Pissing is as bad as throwing garbage on your streets. We have already got our fair share of human waste to deal with, it is even more disgusting to use streets, underpasses and pavements being used as public toilets when public toilets exist and this thing can be controlled. In ethical terms, peeing in public is not right and even socially you are violating the public space. Environmentally, you are being a harmful agent to plants and trees in the surroundings, besides spreading bad smell in the atmosphere, and, in terms of religion, since you are unable to clean yourself afterwards, you remain in a filthy condition.

Talking about the solution, why men can’t control peeing in public when women can control it. It is as unethical for men as for women. It’s time to stop urinating outside and fine or charge should be conducted if someone is caught. Even if there are not enough public toilets, men can easily use toilets in mosques that are located everywhere. People need to be educated on this matter and understand that they are not desperate toddlers; they are adults, a responsible citizen of a civilized society. Taking care of and not violating the premises is a social responsibility borne by every individual. Along with the campaigns of not throwing garbage on roads and using a bin this issue should be highlighted and should be empathized on using public toilets. As men think since it is garbage there is nothing wrong in adding their part to it. In Karachi, a guy made a solution believing that when you can’t forcefully stop someone, you make fun of the person.

Graffiti by a Karachi Guy who was sick from the same problem.

It should be a public concern not an individual’s. So more awareness should be spread. Do not teach your kids to urinate on public no matter what, seek a public toilet or try using toilet of a mosque, restaurant, station etc.

This photo I took in Gulberg, Lahore.

It is not just our city’s or our country’s problem it is a general problem existing everywhere and being dealt with. Developed countries like France, USA face such issues too and they conduct fine on catching someone violating society’s rules.

Sign board in California, USA.

Hope this blog made you realize that you cannot justify a wrong act. Thank you for reading. :)